CNG Price in Pakistan Today 2024

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has increased the sales tax on CNG by Rs11.70 per kg. The CNG Price in Pakistan Today has reached Rs 200 per kg after the increase in the sales tax rate on CNG. The CNG rate today in Pakistan has been increased by Rs20. Now the price of CNG has gone up to Rs. 200 per kg.

 Based on the value of Rs 200 per kg, 18 percent sales tax was imposed on CNG, FBR issued a notification to increase sales tax on CNG, sales tax was imposed at The rate of Rs 36 per kg CNG, earlier at least Rs 24.30 sales tax was applicable on CNG per kg, sales tax value for Region I was increased from Rs 140 to Rs 200.

CNG Price in Pakistan Today

CNG Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Fixed per kg, now 18% sales tax will be applicable based on Rs 200 per kg, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Pakistan in Region 1

In determining the cost and setting the price per kilogramme of CNG, OGRA takes into account a number of variables, including the cost of foreign oil, transportation costs, and taxes. This controlled strategy tries to guarantee fair pricing and guard against price gouging.


Today CNG price in Pakistan

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has released a new schedule for closing CNG stations. All CNG stations in Sindh will remain closed for 24 hours from October 17. The stations will be closed from 8 am on Sunday to 8 am on Monday.

The Gas supply to CNG stations will be stopped for 24 hours so that the gas needs of domestic consumers can be met. According to the notification, the new price of LNG on Sui Northern system has been fixed at .3 15.3534 per unit while the new price of LNG on Sui Southern system will be .0 15.0918 per MMBTU.

The price of LNG in India was .2 13.2175 per unit while the price of LNG on the Sui Southern system in August was .9 12.9549 per MMBTU.

CNG Price Today in Pakistan Notification

In Pakistan, CNG is still a practical and environmentally friendly alternative fuel choice. cng price today in Pakistan , a number of variables, including global crude oil prices, governmental regulations, and transportation expenses, could alter the price per kilogram of CNG.

Customers are recommended to keep up with the most recent pricing information from their neighborhood CNG stations. For the foreseeable future, CNG is likely to remain a dependable and accessible fuel alternative thanks to government initiatives and a favorable energy market.


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