Saturday , February 4 2023

CM Balochistan Flood Relief Program 2022

Chief Minister Balochistan Abdul Qudous Bizenjo established a fund for the relief of the flood victims of the province on August 21, in which only 24 lakh rupees have been collected so far.

CM Balochistan Flood Relief Program 2022

Food security measures were also discussed in all districts of the province to accelerate the implementation of quarantine and isolation centers and to ensure the availability of Shiites.

All of Balochistan’s universities will remain closed until May 31. In this regard, a notification has been issued by the Chancellor and Governor of Balochistan Government of Balochistan.

The Chief Minister has said that one lakh fifty thousand (150000) families will be benefited in the first phase of rationing.

CM Balochistan Flood Relief Program 2022

Jam Kamal Khan also said that the provincial government has approved exemptions for services and other provincial taxes for construction and other sectors. The federation has decided to provide a special package of Rs 150 billion for southern Balochistan and northern areas.

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area which is rich in very valuable mineral treasures. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has embarked on a major project to boost the housing industry across the country. It is believed that they can further expand their housing project to include Balochistan. Development packages will also be presented for other backward areas of the country. His government is giving top priority to the construction and development of Balochistan. In the past, the construction and development of Balochistan were neglected.

The Chief Minister said that the financial support of the needy through Benazir Income Support and other programs will also be started soon.Rs 515 million will be released for paramedics allowance across Balochistan, while 28 doctors of medical colleges and 28 dematerials of medical colleges have also agreed to issue special allowance.