Wednesday , February 1 2023

ChenOne Furniture& Furnishing package

ChenOne Furniture& Furnishing package

ChenOne furniture collection reflects innovation, with the finest craftsmanship, which reflects comfort and quality making your home stylish, elegant and classy.

Shop Furniture worth Rs. 600,000/- to Rs. 850,000/- and get 17% Cash Discount

Shop Furniture worth Rs. 850,000/- and above to get 20% Cash Discount

ChenOno furniture is designed for cozy, yet elegant living spaces, it has the sleek styling, refined details and fresh finishes for which ChenOne is known This selection strikes the perfect chord between ‘classic and ‘chic ‘ It has the comforting familiarity that we associate with traditional furniture, yet it also has a dash of 6lan that makes it relevant to modern living. Our furniture is the ideal foundation to let your eye for detail blossom tt Is versatile enough that you can arrange your whole room around it. or arrange individual pieces m the decor r style that you have chosen.

Chenone Wedding Package

ChenOne has legacy & style, fashion and trendsetting Continuing oof promise of quality and affordability, we bring amazing wedding packages of beautifully crafted furniture and accessories. Now turn your dream into reality, buy the exclusively packaged furniture items that you always wanted
at unbelievable prices, ChenOne is your one-stop solution to get high quality and affordable furniture.

Chenone Wedding Package Prices