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Canadian Federal Election Full Result 2019

Canadian Federal Election Full Result 2019

Canadian federal election was held to elect members of the House of Commons to the 43rd Canadian Parliament on 21st October 2019. The Conservative Party under Andrew Scheer, the New Democratic Party under Jagmeet Singh, the Green Party under Elizabeth May, and the People’s Party under Maxime Bernier challenged the incumbent Liberal government. Candidates have been declared for each of the 338 electoral districts.

Canada Federal election 2019 Result

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, preliminary results indicate that the Liberals had won enough seats to form a minority government, but lost the popular vote to the Conservatives. This both marks the first time since the 1979 election that a party has received a plurality of seats while not receiving a plurality of the popular vote, as well as the first circumstance of this phenomenon occurring for the Liberals since the 1926 election.

Liberal is leading with 157 Seats and Conservative is behand it with 121 stand on 2nd Position. Bloc Quebecols got 32 seats and New Democrat score 24. Green obtained three seats and independent in the last with 01 seat.

Canada federal election 2019

Justin Trudeau defied worst expectations to keep his job as prime minister. His Liberals are again the largest party but have lost their majority. Find out where the parties are strongest and who were the winners and losers on the night. The Liberals’ narrow victory came despite their losing the popular vote. The Conservative vote was heavily concentrated in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and elsewhere did not convert into seats. The Liberals were heavily reliant for seats on Ontario, the populous province that includes Toronto and several other cities.