Friday , November 15 2019

Boxer Amir Khan becomes father of baby girl

Boxer Amir Khan's baby Girl LAMYSABoxer Amir Khan becomes father of baby girl

LONDON: Boxer Amir Khan has become a father of a baby girl.
Amir Khan’s wife Faryal gave birth to the first child. They have decided her name Lamysa Khan.Hw is very happy to see her Daughter. He also said that the birth of the daughter was a blessing and a good signal for his future.

Amir Khan get to be father of  baby girl today on 23rd May 2014 at 4:05am in United Kingdom. Amir overhauled on interpersonal organization about this news when he get to be father.Family Member from all over world Congratulate him and his wife Faryal.

Baby Girl Pictures of Boxer Amir