Wednesday , February 1 2023

BISEK Matric Result 2023 Position Holders Name List

The annual matriculation and inter annual examinations for the year 2023 will be held in April and May respectively across the country including Sindh. The series of examinations in education boards of Sindh is being started immediately after Eid-ul-Fitr 2023.

BISEK Matric Result 2023 Position Holders Name List

All over Sindh, matric exams should be started from April 27, while inter exams should be started from May 15,2023.

The existing grading system at the inter and matric level is now being abolished and in the next three years till the year 2025, 10 points grading system will be implemented in the whole country, but its implementation will be started from the next exams.

Under this grading system, the term “F” (Fail) has been removed from the student’s examination remarks and has been replaced with “U” (Unsatisfactory). Students who score up to 100% marks will have grade A++ which is called exceptional.

Similarly, A+ from 90 to 95 percent is called outstanding, A grade from 85 to 90 is called remarkable and B++ from 80 to 85 is called excellent.


B+ from 75 to 80 is called very good, B from 70 to 75 is called good and C grade from 60 to 70 is called fair, while D grade from 50 to 60 is called satisfactory and E grade from 40 to 50 is called sufficient.

As the passing marks at university level are already 40 and some 50 while aptitude test passing marks are also 50, it has been decided to increase the passing marks to harmonize these exam results from the universities.