Sunday , September 25 2022

BISEK Matric Result 2022 Position Holders Name List

KARACHI: Matriculation Board Karachi has released the examination results of science, general group and special students, only the first position of the science group was secured by a male student and all the remaining positions were secured by female students.

BISEK Matric Result 2022 Position Holders Name List

According to the results announced by the science group, Abdul Rehman son of Abdul Hafeez, a student of the Islamic Institute of Education, bagged 1073 marks out of a total of 1100 and secured the first position with 97.54 percent marks.

Rabia bint Imran Chabra of Al-Badar Secondary School Gulshan Iqbal secured 1069 marks with 97.18 percent marks while Alizah Samdani bint Imran Samdani of St. Joseph Convent High School and Ramin Zubaydah bint Jamal Ahmed of Federal Secondary School Block 21 FB Area shared the marks. 3rd position with 1067 marks and 97% marks.

Similarly, in General Group Regular/Private examinations, Madhat Bint Mohammad Aslam of Baghsalar Girls Secondary School Nishtar Road secured first place with 1012 marks out of 1100 and 92% marks, Hafiza Minhal Ejaz Bint Ejaz of Tour Guide Grammar Secondary School, Khada Lyari. secured second position with 1008 marks and 91.63 percent marks and Heba Zia bint Muhammad Ziaur Rehman of Citizen Secondary Girls School Bath Island secured third position with 1004 marks and 91.27 marks.

In the special students exams, Kamal Kumar son of Ashok Kumar of Absa School for Deaf Korangi Road DHA stood first with 999 marks and 90.8% marks, Maryam Aziz bint Aziz Ahmed of the same school stood second with 979 marks and 89% marks. Farah bint Izhar Ahmed of the school secured the third position with 977 marks and 88.8 marks.

BISEK Matric Result 2022 Position Holders Name List

In science group, 52127 candidates passed in A1 grade, 34639 candidates in A grade, 22548 candidates in B grade, 10155 candidates in C grade and 1851 candidates in D grade. Total registered in science group was 152175 including 81610 boys and 70565 girls out of which total 131436 candidates passed which included 62924 boys and 58407 girls.

The result ratio of science group was 80.48%, similarly in general group 291 students succeeded in A1 grade, 1671 A grade, 3387 B grade, 3918 C grade and 1949 D grade. The percentage of results was 69.69%. 16880 candidates were registered and 16454 participated in this exam, including 6675 boys and 9779 girls and out of total participation 11466 candidates passed. A total of 97 students participated in the examinations for special students and 96 passed the result ratio was 98.96 percent.