BISEK F.Sc Pre-Engineering II Annual Examination 2024 Check Result with Roll Number

KARACHI: Board of Higher Secondary Education Karachi has released the results of Intermediate Annual Examinations 2024 for Science Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Arts Regular/Private and Commerce Private Groups.

BISEK F.Sc Pre-Engineering II Annual Examination 2024 Check Result with Roll Number

KARACHI: Board of Higher Secondary Education Karachi has declared the results of Inter Pre-Engineering Year II Annual Examinations 2022 in which Syed Hammad Mehmood, a student of Adamji Science College, secured 1047 (95.18) percent marks out of 1100. Got the first position. The second position was bagged by Muhammad Aqib Memon of Comics College and Ayesha Najeeb of Bahria College with a combined score of 1042 (94.73) percent while the third position was secured by Usman Faizyab Khan of Malir Cantt College with 1039 (94.45) percent.

BISEK F.Sc Pre-Pre-Engineering II Annual Result 2022

According to the results, 24587 candidates registered for these exams while 24168 appeared and the result ratio was 58.48%. 1875 candidates passed in A1 grade. 2322 candidates passed in A grade, 2914 candidates in B grade, 3844 candidates in C grade, 2960 candidates in D grade and 219 candidates in E grade. Yasra Ejaz bint Ejazur Rahman, a student of DHACSS Degree College, Roll No. 660622 secured the first position in Science Pre-Medical Group Examinations with 995 marks out of 1100 A1 grade. Quratul Ain bint Syed Mahmood Abbas Jafari, a student of Metropolis Intermediate College for Girls, roll number 614632 secured second position with 993 marks and A1 grade, while Afshan bint Aslam Parvez, a student of Bahria College Karsaz, roll number 626641 secured 992 marks and secured A1 grade. received.

Arts Regular Group Regular Results 2024 Top Position holder

Huda Bint Muhammad Salim, a student of DHACSS College for Women (Intermediate) Roll No. 356876 secured the first position by getting A1 grade with 958 marks out of 1100 in these exams. KMA Girls Degree College student Ayesha Bint Muhammad Bilal Godat Roll No. 351840 got second position with A1 grade with 922 marks. Hamna Kashif bint Kashif Ahmed, a student of Iqra Hafaz Girls Science College Block B North Nazimabad, Roll No. 355454 secured third position with A1 grade with 921 marks.

According to Arts Private Group result details, Ahmed Abu Sarb son of Abdul Wahid Mungi Roll No. 955414 secured first position with 874 marks A grade in these exams. Hamna Naz Bint Azizur Rahman Roll No. 979030 secured second position with 870 marks A grade. Maria Mehk Bint Khurshid Ahmad Roll No. 975464 secured third position with 856 marks in A grade.

ILSA Bint Raheel Roll No. 414474 secured first position with 922 marks out of total 1100 in Commerce Private Group Examinations with A-1 Grade. Zahra Mohibullah Bint Mohibullah Roll No. 432018 got 2nd position with 899 marks A-1 grade. Musfra Naz Bint Nadeem Ahmed Roll No. 414531 secured third position with 852 marks A grade.

According to the new pattern, the share of MCQs in classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th has been reduced from 40% to 20%. MCQs had 40% share in previous matric and inter exams but now according to the decision short answers and detailed answers have been given 40/40% share in the rest of the paper. 27 thousand candidates got registered in the exams, 26 thousand 412 candidates participated in the exams, out of which 13 thousand 832 candidates were declared successful. Thus the success rate was 52.37%. In the pre-medical exams, 1510 candidates got A grade, 3428 candidates got A grade, 4469 got B grade, 3276 got C grade, 1072 got D grade, 46 got E grade, while 31 got passed.

In the pre-engineering group exams, the student of Bahria College Karsaz, Muhammad Abdullah Khan, son of Muhammad Masroor Khan, roll number 803862, obtained 1017 marks out of a total of 1100 and secured the first position with A1 grade. Adamji Government Science College student Ibadur Rahman son of Aamir Ijaz roll number 794300 got A1 grade with 1003 marks and BAMM PECHS Government College for Women student Fatima bint Muhammad Salahuddin Mirza roll number 814413 got A1 grade with 1002 marks. Got the third position. 25 thousand 308 candidates got registration in these exams. 24 thousand 827 candidates participated in the exams and 12 thousand 233 candidates passed. The success rate was 49.27%.

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