Saturday , December 10 2022

Armed Forces of Pakistan Special Allowance July 2022

Armed Forces of Pakistan Special Allowance July 2022

The Federal Cabinet approved a 15% special allowance for the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Approval of Special Allowance 2021 for Armed Forces personnel. Approves 15% Special Allowance for Armed Forces of Pakistan.

The salaries of the Pakistan Army had not been increased for two years but now a 25% special allowance has been approved for Pak Army. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also asked Rangers and FC to give a special allowance.

Armed Forces of Pakistan Special Allowance July 2021

The Federal Government has constituted Pay & Pension Commission to review the pay structures of Federal and Provincial Governments. The Commission has constituted various committees to holistically look into different aspects of salaries and allowances of government employees. A sub-committee has been constituted to review the salary structure of the Armed Forces. The interim recommendations of the Pay & Pension Commission for revision in the salaries of Armed Forces Personnel were awaited up till the presentation of Budget 21)21-22 in Parliament.

The Federal Cabinet approved relief measures in Federal Government employees on 11th June 2021 for the year 2021-22 from 1st July 2021 (Annexure-I) wherein Armed Forces Per civilian employees have been allowed an Adhoc Relief Allowance the basic pay.

The Chairperson Pay At Pension Commission has now forwarded recommendations for interim relief for the Armed Forces Personnel till the finalization of recommendations (Annexure-U), in order to keep the morale of the armed toms high.