Saturday , October 1 2022

Alkaram Winter collection 2022-23

Alkaram Winter collection 2022-23

Alkaram will launch winter collection Vol-1 on 27th October 2022. Alkaram Rangon Ki Dunya. A look at alkaram’s Winter Collection 2022 Vol. 01 – a definitive statement in style that embodies all the season has to offer, inspired by the rich heritage of different cultures across the globe.

Alkaram Winter Collection 2022 Vol.1:

Inspired by the rich heritage of different cultures across the globe, this winter collection showcases patterns, weaves and designs from a mélange of influences, spanning the bazaars of Marrakech, Mughal music halls, Oriental spice markets and leaf-lined parkways of the Northern hemisphere.
alkaram’s flamboyant collection encompasses modern, ethnic and floral motifs, making it a global muse.
Come along on a journey of magnificence and a celebration of global sophistication.

Winter collection 2022-23 Vol-01 by Alkaram:

Drawing inspiration from the very first step inside a perfumery, filled with the evocative scents of flowers and essential oils, this collection features an assortment of designs, combined to create stunning patterns. The three piece suits in this premium collection feature Silk Velvet dupattas with a fascinating blend of hues and designs to capture the attention

Alkaram Winter Collection 2016-2017 Vol-01