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Alkaram Spring Collection Vol.1 24th Februry 2017

Alkaram Spring Collection Vol.1 2017

Alkaram has launched spring collection 2017  in Pakistan on 24th February all over Pakistan. 3 Piece Embroidered Collection (Eleanor). Dining in the vibrant gardens of spring fantasies, this 3 piece embroidered collection will take you through a delightful journey. Drinking the potion of nobility and poise, this collection has a unique rhythm of pattern and design. Starting from PKR 3,200

ALKARAM Spring Collection 2017

Alkaram Spring-Summer Collection 2017 Vol/1 Catalogue:

Alkaram Spring Collection Vol.1:

2 Piece Printed Collection (Pristine & Splendor). A vision of mesmerizing radiance and dazzling youth, this 2 piece printed collection is all about charm and suave. The cheery adventurous trait of this collection has been inspired by bold geometrical designs and impressions of rich colors that flutter through springtime. Starting from PKR 1,650