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Alfalah Personal Loan Details

Alfalah Personal Loan

Bank Alfalah Limited has introduce Alfalah Personal Loan , Get a solution crafted to your needs for financing up to PKR 2Mn. No collateral required. Processing time is quick and multiple repayment options are available. And if you are an Alfalah account holder, you get 250 Orbits on signing up for Alfalah Personal Loan.

Alfalah Personal Loan Features
Minimum Loan Amount: PKR 50,000/-
Maximum Loan Amount: PKR 2,000,000/-
Minimum Tenure: 1 Year
Maximum Tenure: 5 Years
No Security required.

Details of Alfalah Personal Loan

Hassel-free processing with minimum documentation
Affordable markup rates
Fixed and variable pricing options
You can opt for a fixed or variable rate of financing based on what suits you best.
Partial prepayment option
You can lower your installments by making a partial prepayment of the outstanding principal.

A maximum of 1 partial payment is allowed in a year (a year is equal to 12 installments from the date of disbursement). Each partial payment cannot be more than a total of 6 installments.
Loan top-ups/ enhancements for more financing
You can top up the loan amount based on revised income and repayment history
Multiple repayment options
Non-Checking Account

Direct Debit
Cross Cheque
Drop Box
Internet Banking
Mobile Banking
Cash Payment at branches
Multiple income sources allowed for higher loan limits
You can club more than one source of income to avail a higher loan limit. A maximum of 2 eligible secondary sources/ businesses are allowed.
Balance transfer facility for outstanding personal loan(s) and credit card(s)
You can better manage your outstanding personal loan(s) and credit card(s) of other banks by consolidating and transferring them under one installment loan.
Special Discounts and Minimal Documentation for existing Bank Alfalah account holders and customers
Existing Bank Alfalah customers and account holders can enjoy discounted rates based on their relationship tenure, average balance and history with the Bank with minimal documentation.

Product Offerings
Cash Loans – Fulfill your dreams without worrying about upfront cash. May it be a holiday retreat with your family or loved ones, quality education for securing your child’s future, celebrating a family wedding or catapulting your lifestyle altogether.
Balance Transfer Facility (BTF) – Finding it difficult to make multiple payments against credit cards and other loans? Consolidate and transfer outstanding credit card bills, revolving loans and personal loans under one installment loan.
Balance Transfer Facility with Top-up (BTF with Top-up) – Obtain financing over and above the amount of debt you wish to transfer to meet other financing needs without having to apply for another loan for the same.
Documents Required
Basic Eligibility
Fees and Charges
Schedule of Charges
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