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Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) Admission Autumn 2020

Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad open Admissions Autumn 2020 for Matric, FA, and BA programs. University is sending Continue Admission forms to students. The fee can only be paid through these forms in ABL, MCB, and First Women Bank. Fee submission of continue students through the fresh form is not permitted.



Last Date: 15 October 2020


Mass Communication

Pakistan Studies

Forestry Extension

Public Nutrition

Gender & Women Studies


Administrative Sciences

Sustainable Environmental Design History

Postgraduate Diplomas



TEFL Arabic
Islamic Studies (with specializations)

Quran & Tafseer

Hadith and Seerah

Islamic Law & Jurisprudence

Islamic Studies (General)

Master in Library & Information Sciences (MLIS)

Supply Chain Management
Gender & Women Studies


BA (Renamed as Associate Degree)

BS Programs (4 Years)

Instructional Design and Technology

Accounting & Finance

Pakistan Studies


Mass Communication


Gender & Women Studies in English a Library and Information Sciences

Islamic Studies

I). General II). Quran and Tafseer
III). Shariah IV). Hadith and Hadith Sciences
V). Seerat Studies VI). Dars-e-Nizami
VII). Interfaith Studies

BA General <Assiscate Degree ( Arte 2 Yeats)

BA Ders-e-Kinml iShiludtf ul AJIa):(A$uctite Degree In Ojrse-N-artl: 2 Years)

BA MaSS Communication

BCom (Associate Degree In Commerce: Two Years)

BLIS ItaoeUte Degree in Library A Inlwmrtor Sciences: 2 Year)

Associate Degree Programs

Associate Degree in Commerce (2 Years Programme)
Associate Degree in Business Administration with Specialization
i. Islamic Banking ii. HRM iii. Marketing

Certificate Courses (6 Months)

BBA Program (4 Years)

Bachelor of Business Administration

Lughat ul Quran

At Lisanul Arabi

Arabi Bole Chall
Certificate in Librarianship

French Online

Certificate in Literacy & Non-Formal Education

eCommerce BUSINESS TRAINING PROGRAM (Three Months) (in collaboration with BF Technologies)

Virtual Assistant PL (

Virtual Trader ( Virtual Store Manager (

Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) Admission Autumn 2020

Download Prospectus

Download Admission Form

Online Admission Form

Students of BA, A.D.E, Bed and Post Graduate Programs can access their Continue form on below link
For Semester Autumn 2020 B.A Programme (Renamed as Associate Degree) (Last Date: 15-Oct-2020)ADE/B.Ed/BS/BBA/French Online/Post Graduate Programmes (Last Date: 15-Oct-2020)


Allama Iqbal Open University(AIOU) Admission 2020

Teacher Training Programs (ADE, MA, MEd, and BEd)

Associate Degree in Education (2 Years Programme)

MA Distance & Non-Formal Education

MA Teacher Education

MA Special Education an MEd (One Year) as per new roadmap of HEC with the following Specializations:

Elementary Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Distance & Non-Formal Education

Science Education

Special Education

As per HEC Guidelines all MA/MSc, MEd Programmes are being offered for the last time and Fresh Admissions will be discontinued from Spring 2021 Semester.

Prospectuses and admission forms of all programs are available on University Website, Regional Offices, and on Sale Points. Continuing/Fresh Students are encouraged to apply Online at latest by 15 October 2020 The fee should be deposited in any branch of ABL-CMD-AIOU-Fee Collection Account 0010000336340801, MCB-TM 0096 A/C 0586704541007031. FWBL 0036010745610001. UBL-MCA No. 262489296 Please detach the Address Label from Bank Challan and paste it on the envelope. Put your admission form along-with Challan Receipt (University Copy) and dispatch it through Registered Post’UMS from your nearest Pakistan Post Office within 48 hours, after depositing tee. No need to pay any charges to Pakistan Post as AIOU has already paid the charges.