Thursday , February 9 2023

Actress Sara Khan Marriage Pictures

Actress Sara Khan Marriage Pictures

Actress Sara Khan is about to get married soon, for which she has already given the choice of a life partner to her parents. Actress Sara Khan revealed in an interview that after the engagement ended with actor Aga Khan, she will now marry her parents’ choice and will tell the good news to her fans within a few days.

Sara Khan, who started her career with the role of Sherman in the drama ‘Big Apa’ seven years ago, captivated everyone with her beauty, charming acting and acting. She has acted in more than 25 plays since 2012.
The proximity between Sara Khan and actor Agha Khan, who played the role of Getty Ara in the ‘Night Drama’ wall, turned into a relationship of engagement which both were very happy with, but the relationship could not last much longer.

Sara Khan and actor Agha Ali also worked together in the play ‘Close windows’, but the window of love between them closed forever. Unsuccessful love left a negative impact on Sara Khan’s career, but she soon found herself in control.

Sara Khan focuses on her work, forgetting all the previous things, as well as giving her parents the option of choosing a life partner and now in a few days Sarah is about to announce her marriage

Actress Sara Khan Wedding Pictures

Sara Khan and actor Agha Ali Marriage Pictures