PBS Population and Housing Census Online Self Enumeration

The Census Bureau has extended the date of census for the fifth time, the census process will be completed on May 15,2023. The census process in urban areas is slow due to which the census cannot be completed till April 30.

PBS Population and Housing Census Online Self Enumeration

First ever Digital Census in the history of Pakistan Electronic data collection, real time monitoring, geo tagging of structures and quality assurance through computer assisted telephonic interviews (CATI) will ensure transparency and reliability of census process. The information collected will be used only for planning, policy making and resource allocation. For Self-Enumeration visit www.self.pbs.gov.pk.

PBS Population and Housing Census Online Self Enumeration

How to Enumerate yourself

1. Open: -https://self.pbs.gov.pk
2. Click on Register or sign up for first time registration
3. Fill the registration form

Census is the basis of any country’s development, population census should be considered as a national duty, on the basis of census, the country and the province can be taken on the path of development. Self Enumeration For More information visit self enumeration portal Pakistan www.pbs.gov.pk


Enter Housing Information
After completing the family member information enter the information regarding household. Status of Household, Owner of House, Material used for house, Source of drinking water etc.
The last step before submission of census Questionnaire, system will ask a question. The Information i entered Is correct and best of my knowledge. Are you sure you want to submit census questionnaire. Save the UTN Number sent on mobile.

1. Click on Login
2. Entei Mobile Number and Passwordto verify your identity
3. Receive OTP for confirmation
Enter the information of your family membersfName, Age, Relationship, Language, Religion, Education, Employment, Migration, Disability etc.)
2.Sequence of family members must be ensured.
3.Head of Household must be entered first
Before submission of Census Questionnaires, it is necessary to verify all the data and if there is need of any change. Click on the Relevant field and you can change the information of any Family member or household.
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Government of Pakistan. Distribution of resources on the basis of census is represented in the National Assembly, it is good to have a digital census for the first time, this time the census will be acceptable to all. You will receive call from 0519225203. For more information Contact on UAN Number 080057574 or visit website www.pbs.gov.pk.