6th September Youm e Difa Ceremony in Lahore

On the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day, a live painting competition 2023 will be held at Al Hamra Art Gallery on September 4. The winning artist will be awarded 30,000, the second runner-up will be awarded 20, and the third runner-up will be awarded 10,000. The competition will be held on Monday, September 4 from 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM. The 6th of September is the bright star in the history of Pakistan, from which our future generations will determine their direction.

Pakistan Defense Day is celebrated with national enthusiasm on September 6 across the country. On the same day in 1965, the brave Shaheens of the nation retaliated against the Indian attack and defeated the enemy army. On this day, every Pakistani is proud of the bravery, patriotism and fighting skills of his army and it is also an assurance that the protection of the Holy Land is in strong hands. We love it face to face, village by village, corner by corner. The plows of its fields, its paths, its arches and minarets of mosques are our pride and glory and we have to protect them well. The love of this country is in our veins and veins.

Pakistan Defence Day Youm-e-Difa 6 September2016

Defense Day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country today. Every year in Pakistan, the 6th of September is celebrated with national enthusiasm to reiterate the determination to die for the homeland, in this regard, public and private level ceremonies are also organized.

6th September Youm e Difa Ceremony in Fortress Stadium Lahore

6th September Youm e Difa Ceremony will be organized in Lahore in which Pak Army, Air Force participate.6th september defence day of Pakistan pic hd. An event will be held in Alhamra Arts Council on the occasion of Defense Day. Pakistan Defense Day ceremony will not held at GHQ on September 6 to mark the Defense and Martyrs’ Day, which was attended by the chiefs of the three armed forces and other dignitaries. In the main ceremony on the occasion of Pakistan Defense Day on September 6, armed forces troops present a salute at the parade ground, while Shaheen of the Pakistan Air Force also displays the essence of their capabilities.