6th September Defence day of Pakistan Pictures

Pakistan Defense Day will be celebrated on September 6 in a grand manner. Preparations to celebrate Defense Day celebrations with traditional fervor. In the battle of September 6, 1965, the brave people and forces of Pakistan defeated the intentions of the enemy. Today on the occasion of Defense Day on 6 September, a dignified ceremony of changing of the guards was held at the mausoleum of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi.

Singer Wahdat Rameez’s song “O Watan Teh Se Hamari Shaan Hai” will be released in Pakistan on September 6. This anthem was written by Niaz Ahmed and the lyrics have been arranged. The purpose of this anthem is to pay homage to our Pak Army. Pakistan Defense and Martyrs Day will be celebrated with national enthusiasm today. Pakistan Defense and Martyrs Day is being celebrated today with great enthusiasm across the country.

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Pakistan Defense Day will be celebrated with traditional fervor on Monday 6th September 2021. In this regard, various events will be held across the country including the federal capital, Azad Kashmir, Northern Areas, Gilgit-Baltistan, Ahmadiyyar and the four provinces. The veterans and martyrs of the September War created the eternal stories of courage and bravery that will be remembered for the rest of the world.

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6th September Defence day of Pakistan photos 

Pakistani nation are celebrating defence day of pakistan today on Monday 6th September 2023.we will provide you Latest defence day of pakistan pictures and Photos on this page www.awampk.com. The battle of September 6, 1965 proved that a brave nation is always ready to protect its borders. On September 6, thousands of sons of motherland sacrificed their lives to make the defense of the holy land invincible. Today, the entire nation salutes their sacrifices.

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The humiliating defeat of the enemy in the 1965 war and the new history of the bravery of the Pakistan Army became a milestone.Defense Day will begin with 31 salutes in the federal capital and 21 salutes in the provincial capitals. Armed forces of Pakistan are committed to defend the homeland against all kinds of internal and external threats.

In the war of September 65, the child of this country became a guardian of the sanctity of this country and was ready to die to protect it. It was the first time that the people of this country were ready to sacrifice their money for their country and nation, their religion and their integrity. Ready and if Pakistan's time ever comes, Pakistani singers, musicians and poets will be seen repeating the history of 1965.
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