Thursday , February 2 2023

441 Patwari and Additional Patwari Jobs 2022

It has been decided to recruit 441 Patwaris and Additional Patwaris to fill the shortage of revenue staff. Recruitment of Patwaris will be completed after 17 years.

441 Patwari and Additional Patwari Jobs 2022

441 Patwari and Additional Patwari Jobs 2022

At the request of the Board of Revenue, the Finance Department has approved the posts of 441 Patwaris for Lahore. By recruiting in, basic salary and other benefits are to be paid in the amount of 216.66 million per annum. In 79 Patwar Circles of Lahore, not only Patwaris but also additional charges are being dealt with by giving additional charges. New posts of 84 Additional Patwaris have been created in City 97 Tehsil Raiwind 61 Tehsil Model Town 62 and Tehsil Shalimar.

 اور 362 ایڈیشنل پٹواریوں 441 پٹواریوں کی آسامیاں

بنیادی تنخواہ اور دیگر مراعات گریڈ تعداد آسامی شہر
ضلعی سطح پر 79 پٹواریوں کی نئی آسامیاں گریڈ 9 79 لاہور
پٹوار کورس گریڈ 9 58 تحصیل کینٹ
پٹوار کورس گریڈ 9 97 تحصیل سٹی
پٹوار کورس گریڈ 9 61 تحصیل رائے ونڈ
پٹوار کورس گریڈ 9 62 تحصیل ماڈل ٹاؤن
پٹوار کورس گریڈ 9 84 تحصیل شالیمار


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