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1st day of Muharram Ul Haram

muharram wallpapers free1st day of Muharram Importance

Muharram Ul Haram is first month of Islamic Calendar year. The Muharram has many historical aspects as many events occur in this month. This month is regarded as the month of Peace and any fight and war is declared Haram.

Hazarat Umar Farooq was martyred on first day of Muharram. While the incident of Karbala also take place in this month. Muslims from all around the world Fast for 10 days starting from the very first day of Muharram while some fast for first three days. According to some other sayings and sects, some fast for the 9t and 10th during Ashura Day 2013 of the Muharram in the mourning of Battle of Karbala to tribute the Martyred of Hazarat Imam Hussain A.S and along with his family members and companion.

Shadhat of Hazarat Umar R.A:

Umar R.A was a great fighter, reformer and recognized for his will power, Justice and affiliation for poor. He was the second Caliph and he include more than 2 million Square kilometers area in Islamic Kingdom.

1st day of Muharram Ul Haram

In his morning prayers, Pirouz attacked to Hazarat Umar R.A with knife and stabbed him for 6 times on his belly and one time on his navel and leads deep wound which leads him to martyred on very first day of Muharram.

1st day of Muharram:

The morning of Hazarat Hussain A.S starts from very first day of Muharram and reaches to its peak on 10th of the Muharram when people attend the Ashura rallies at very large scale and show their sorrow and grief on the martyred of Hussain and with his family members and companions.