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14th Lux Style Awards 2015 Live Programs

14th Lux Style Awards 2015 Win A Chance To Meet The Stars

14th Lux Style Awards Ceremony


14th Lux Style Awards ceremony will be held in Karachi on 30th September 2015 have been splitting the preparations, the ceremony Mahira Khan and Ahmed Khan’s special performances will feature a tribute to the legend will also be presented.

History of Lux Style Award:

The Lux Style Awards began 14 years ago. 4 sectors every year showbiz fashion, film, music and drama in the 30 award categories are distributed, this year, 22 categories have been established, the best male and female models from the fashion sector, fashion photographer, hair and make-up, new emerging talent, the best fashion design department are 5 categories.

There are four categories of the film sector, the best actor and actress, best film of the daughter, unknown persons, 021 operations have been nominated for the same film was nominated for best director at the Department, Music five Categories are. Five categories are included in the television sector

The 14th Lux Style Awards program will be presented by Lux to honor the fashion, music, films and Pakistani television of 2014. This Award Ceremony is scheduled to take place late in 2015. For this year ceremony no nominations were made for terrestrial and satellite categories in Television section as no satisfied entries for respective portfolios were submitted.

There are Following nominees are announced by LUX on July 16, 2015 in 24 categories. ARY Digital leads with total of nineteen nominations in five categories of Television section.

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