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ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan October 2023

Pakistan is an agricultural nation where agriculture plays a significant role in the economy. In Pakistan, agricultural production depends heavily on the application of fertilisers. The prices of fertilisers have been shifting due to the strong demand for them and the inadequate supply. The current situation of fertilisers in Pakistan, the variables influencing fertiliser pricing, the effects of fertiliser price increases on farmers and the economy, and government efforts to keep fertiliser prices under control.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan October 2023

Pakistan’s agriculture-based economy results in a strong demand for fertilisers. However, there is a shortage of fertilisers, which drives up the cost of goods. There is currently a 6.8 million tonne annual demand for fertilisers in Pakistan, while there is only a 3.5 million tonne annual production capacity. Imports are used to fill the remaining need.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan

Engro dap price in Pakistan today

In Pakistan, the cost of fertilisers is influenced by a number agricultural factors. The rate of inflation is one of the most important elements. The cost of production rises in direct proportion to inflation, which raises fertiliser costs. The price of fertiliser is significantly influenced by transportation costs as well. The price of fertilisers increases inversely with transportation expenses.

Additionally, government subsidies have an impact on fertiliser pricing. The cost of fertilisers will be lower if the government provides bigger subsidies. The cost of fertiliser is greatly influenced by weather conditions. Fertiliser prices rise when there is a reduction in supply due to a drought or flood.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan October 2023

Farmers and the economy are significantly impacted by the rise in fertiliser prices. Farmers’ profit margins are reduced as a result of rising production costs. In addition, the lack of fertilisers reduces crop yield, which has an impact on the nation’s overall economy. Pakistan is a predominantly agricultural nation, and the agricultural industry accounts for about 19% of the country’s GDP. As a result, the economy of the nation will be directly affected by any adverse effects on the agriculture sector.

Item Previous  Rate Current Rate
Potassium sulfate 4946 12816
Diammonium Sulfate 5584 11425
Nitrophosphate 3936 7668
SS Phosphate 1449 2823
Nitrophaphate 3876 7275
Sona Urea 1746 2337
Other Urea Varity 1716 2172
calcium ammonium nitrate 1579 2012

The interests of cotton growers will be safeguarded in every way while every effort will be made to give farmers with urea fertiliser and the required funding. Due to the farmers’ laborious efforts, the area planted with cotton has increased dramatically.

Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2023

The Pakistani government has taken a number of actions to regulate the cost of fertiliser in the nation. The taxation of fertilisers has been reduced, which is one of the major objectives. Because of this, producers of fertiliser can produce their products at a cheaper cost, which may result in lower consumer pricing. Instead, only 10% of the country’s largest landowners, who control more than 50% of its agricultural land, would profit from the choice. Purchase a lot of inexpensive fertiliser that you may sell to farmers for a profit. Fertiliser costs in Pakistan as of right now for urea. Sona urea cost in Pakistan as of right now 2022.

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To combat inflation and lower production costs in the agriculture sector, the government is taking proposals to lower the price of urea by Rs 400 per bag under consideration. Engro Fertiliser immediately following the announcement of the reduction in GIDC announced a drop in fertiliser pricing of Rs 160. HFC has announced a per-bag price cut of Rs 300.

Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2023

sona sop fertiliser rate today Pakistan Fatima Group is in a unique position in the agriculture industry, where it is significantly boosting the nation’s output of vital commodities. Pakistani farmers who harvest all crops in all seasons place a high premium on the fertiliser brand “Sir Sabz” from the Fatima Group. The availability of green manure with additional qualities is beneficial to farmers who own more than 10 million acres. In terms of both the national economy and food security, green manure is crucial. In the Fatima Group as well. has a sizable staff of agricultural specialists who offer farmers agricultural consultancy services. price at which Engro D.A.P.

Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2023

Price of engro fertiliser in Pakistan as of 2023 The proposal to raise petrol prices for the fertiliser business by removing GIDC, according to members of Fatima Fertiliser Company, might greatly improve this scenario. FFC June would lower its pricing by Rs. 405 per bag, but Fatima Fertilisers won’t be able to do the same. This indicates that fertiliser dealers will provide their products at a variety of prices, each of which they will mark up to their own specifications. Zorawar new rates in Punjab, Pakistan And neither farmers nor the gas supply will profit from the disparity in fertiliser prices.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan Oct 2023

In order to ensure that farmers can afford fertilisers and preserve their agricultural production, which is crucial for the nation’s economy, the government is taking steps to control fertiliser costs in the nation.  what is the price of badshah ssp in Pakistan.

Engro Zorawar fertilizer price in Pakistan

The Fatima Group wants to improve Pakistan’s agricultural industry. As part of the C-Pack Twilight Agriculture Development Project, we are actively forming collaborations with the governments of Pakistan and China and supplying Pakistan with high-quality cotton and other crucial crop seeds. Our objective is to develop an integrated and strong agricultural system that can utilise contemporary technologies to suit the needs of farmers in terms of financing, agricultural guidance, market, and information access. In order to develop a whole value chain of products, they are also attempting to introduce contemporary crop production techniques. Price of urea, dap, and potash right now in Pakistan.

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To increase fertiliser delivery across the nation, the government has taken action. This involves putting in place a system to monitor fertiliser use, which makes sure that fertilisers are distributed properly and get to the farmers who need them the most.

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The government has supported local fertiliser production by giving producers incentives. This may enhance domestic production of fertilisers and lessen reliance on imports, which may help keep costs stable.

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