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ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan October 2022

The government has reduced the prices of fertilizers across the country and fixed the prices of urea fertilizers at the official level. According to the notification, the price of a 50 kg urea fertilizer sack has been reduced to Rs. 389, after which its new retail price has gone up to Rs. 1768. The price will be applicable immediately, this price will be effective till July 7, 2022.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan October 2022

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan October 2022

The rate of DAP is Rs.10,600, Natrophas is Rs.6,500 and the government rate of Urea is Rs.1850.

Item Previous  Rate Current Rate
Potassium sulfate 4946 12816
Diammonium Sulfate 5584 11425
Nitrophosphate 3936 7668
SS Phosphate 1449 2823
Nitrophaphate 3876 7275
Sona Urea 1746 2337
Other Urea Varity 1716 2172
calcium ammonium nitrate 1579 2012

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan

It has decided to abolish GIDC, which would not only benefit ordinary farmers but also affect the healthy competitive environment among the fertilizer industry.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan June 2022

Instead, the decision would benefit only 10% of the major landowners of more than 50% of the country’s agricultural land. Buy large quantities of cheap fertilizer that farmers will sell at a profit. Urea fertilizer price in Pakistan today fertilizer rates in Pakistan. Sona urea price in Pakistan 2022 today.

Find out the prices of fertilizers in Pakistan

The government is considering proposals to reduce the price of urea by Rs 400 per bag to curb inflation and reduce agricultural sector production costs. Immediately after the announcement of the reduction of GIDC, Engro Fertilizer announced a reduction of Rs 160 in fertilizer prices. HFC has announced a reduction of Rs 300 per bag.

Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2022

today sona sop fertilizer rate Pakistan Fatima Group has a unique position in the agricultural sector, which is playing a key role in increasing the production of important crops of the country. Fatima Group’s fertilizer brand ‘Sir Sabz’ is the top priority of Pakistani farmers who harvest all crops in all seasons. Farmers of more than 10 million acres are benefiting from the supply of green manure with additional properties. Green manure is playing an important role in the national economy and national food security. In addition, in the Fatima Group. Has a large team of agricultural experts who provide agricultural advisory services to farmers. current price of engro d.a.p.

Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2022

Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2022 Fatima Fertilizer Company representatives say the proposal to increase gas prices for the fertilizer industry by eliminating GIDC could significantly improve this situation. FFC may reduce its prices by Rs 405 per bag while Fatima Fertilizers will not be able to reduce the price, which shows that fertilizer dealers will be available at more than one price which they will sell on their own custom price. Zorawar fresh rates in Pakistan Punjab And because of the difference in fertilizer prices, neither the farmers nor the gas circulation will benefit.

ٖFertilizers Prices in Pakistan August 2022

FFC fertilizer costs Rs 1740 per bag while the new price of Engro fertilizer rises to Rs 1880 per bag. The total inventory of urea is about 500,000 tonnes, of which Four million tonnes is in the final stage of completion. You can check today urea price 2022 ,engro zarkhez price.

Engro zorawar fertilizer price in Pakistan

The Fatima Group aims to bring positive change to Pakistan’s agricultural sector. We are forging active partnerships with the governments of Pakistan and China under the C-Pack Twilight Agriculture Development Project, as well as bringing quality seeds of cotton and other important crops to Pakistan Our goal is to create an integrated and robust agricultural system that can meet the needs of farmers in terms of finance, agricultural advice, market and access to information using modern technology. They are also striving to bring modern crop production technology to create a complete value chain of products. urea dap potash ssp price in Pakistan today.

Pak latest Engro Fertilizer Rate

dap fertilizer rate list today. Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan. Nitrophos fertilizer price in Pakistan 2022. sop fertilizer price in Pakistan.

Fertilizer price today

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Engro fertilizer price in Pakistan today 2022.engro urea price list and sona dap price in pakistan 2021 today. Fertilizer rate Pakistan zorawar plus price in Pakistan .urea khad in pak price.

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3250روپے MOP 1768روپے Urea
2900روپے NP 1200روپے SSP
2975روپے NPK 5100روپے SOP

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