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YouTube ban will be open after Eid ul Fitr

YouTube Will Be Opened

YouTube ban will be open after Eid

YouTube ban will be open after Eid ul Fitr.Anusha Rahman ministerial meeting will take place after the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan review site ban YouTube video sharing.

According to the word of the IT Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BMI for assessing Web present its ban on YouTube site assessment and submit its recommendations to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take a final decision on whether to lift services restrictions.

In a speech to the press, the spokesman, profane film “innocent Muslims” in September 2012 uploaded to YouTube since the government has taken strict measures to require its removal, and limit their access to the Internet Pakistan. The film sparked controversy in Pakistan and the Arab world protests and violence in the public outcry.

BMI assessment network in 2006 by the then Prime Minister, evaluation and limitation of offensive online content in the task country. The committee headed by the secretary of the computer, from different departments, enterprises and institutions. BMI last September to assess the situation and come to the conclusion, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) should block Facebook and YouTube, September 17, Pakistan, in 2012, until further notice.

Therefore, he ordered the PTA department denial of service. Also issued a directive from the Ministry of PTA to deploy a state solutions of the art technology, active and independent avoid profanity and pornography sites.

So far, no PTA achieves political orientations. The power belongs to the range of ministers, is not a basis for the administrative control of the IT department.

The Department also took oaths blocking YouTube and Facebook management issues. In response, limits access to Facebook and upload videos.

However, Google, which owns YouTube, does not delete the content, noting that respect for YouTube with international law, U.S. law does not comply with requests to remove content specific principles Pakistan.

The spokesman for the ministry said that the new government was sworn in question has been paid to the Minister of State invited all stakeholders to find a solution.

He said the progress of the study to determine the facts of the YouTube link, which includes films, and develop courses and mechanisms blockade HTTP URLs and HTTP secure link to s’ ensure that the constraints of the controversial content.