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Utility Stores Ramzan Package 2017

utility stores corporation has started 2nd phase of Ramzan Relief package 2017.Federal Government established Utility Stores Corporation (USC) in July 1971 and placed it under the control of Ministry of Industries, Production & Special Initiatives.

Utility Stores Ramzan Package 2017 Rate List With Price

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utility store ramzan package 2017

More than 450 items of different brands are given discount and implement.10% discount on given lists.


Ramazan Relief Package 2017 New prices

Tapal Family Mixture 950GM: Full rate-discount=Rs.700-30=Rs.670

Dalda Banaspti 5tan Full rate-discount= Rs.895-20-=Rs.875

Talu Ghee 5tan Full rate-discount= Rs.788-15-=Rs.773

Nestle malik pack 250ML:30-1=29 Rupess.

Nido 910 Gram :Rs.722-12=Rs.710

Nestle Juice 1000ML =Rs.152-07=Rs.145