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Sunni Tehreek Declares Dialogue With Taliban Against Sharia

Sunni Tehreek Declares Dialogue With Taliban Against ShariaSunni Tehreek Declares Dialogue With Taliban Against Sharia

Karachi: Ulema Board of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) has declared the government’s plans to hold peace talks with Taliban against Sharia, saying Islam doesn’t allow pardoning any killers in personal capacity.
A statement issued by PST on Friday said that the Ulema board comprising Syed Zakir Hussain Shah, Mufti Mohammad Abid Mubarak, Mufti Arif Chishti, Mehmood Sialvi, Alama Imran Hanfi Naeemi, Maulana Mujahid Abdul Rasool Khan, Alama Ghufran Pir, Mufti Liaqat Ali Rizvi and several others scholars belonging to Barelvi school of thought have forwarded their recommendations to Sunni Tehreek chairman Sarwat Ejaz Qadri regarding the value of dialogue with Taliban according to Sharia.
The Brelvi clerics said until bringing terrorists to justice, peace talks with Taliban shouldn’t be held. They observed that digging out any reason for killing innocent persons is equivalent to making the mockery of the Sharia.
The Ulema board said that Islam doesn’t allow the unjustifiable killing of any human being on the basis of religion, caste, color, or creed, adding those who are doing so are cruel and are guilty of being involved in Fasad Fil-Arz.
They citied that in verse no.33 of Surah Al Maidah of Holy Quran, Allah has categorically ordered to crush the any armed rebellion against an Islamic state with use of force. They demanded the government not to negotiate with those who don’t obey Islam and the constitution of Pakistan, and rather establish the writ of state.
The Ulema denounced suicide attacks as Haram, saying targeting innocent people, mosques, shrines, worship places, hospitals, schools, women, children, foreigner guests, minorities and security personnel are strictly prohibited in Islam.
They observed that Taliban’s self-invented Islam is conserve to the teachings of Islam and their activities have vilified the Islamic ideology, clerics and the religious seminaries throughout the world.
They questioned that are the government and political parties who are supporting talks with Taliban ready to guarantee that the militants won’t kill the people on the basis of sect and beliefs in future. They further stated that Taliban overtly refuse to recognize the constitution and the state of Pakistan and such in situation there’s no good reason to hold peace talks with them.
They also stated that it is the responsibility of government and military to embark on due measures to ensure the safety of the country and obey the oath have taken to preserve their motherland.