Friday , November 22 2019

Saudi Arabia Hajj Live Transmission 2013

Live streaming of Hajj 2013

Saudi Arabia Live Transmission Hajj 2013

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia TV 1 is working 24 hours, Live Transmission is going on and speeches of all kind about Hajj 2013 are also on air. Hajjis has gone for Hajj. Saudi government manage very well for Hajjis. They make Makkah more beautiful and trying to make it best in regards to construction. They don’t want to see anybody in trouble during Hajj. Hajj is an Islamic obligation. Once in the life of Muslims it is necessary to go to Holy House of Allah (Makkah) and offer Hajj if he/she can afford to go there.

Saudi Arabia Live Transmission Hajj 2013

we will be covering the Hajj season this year from 13th to 18th October.Watch Hajj 2013 Live Streaming on This page.Live Streaming is available already from Masjid Al Haram Makkah.Millions of Muslims from all over the world Including, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia have started reaching the Saudi Arabia to perform the fifth Pillar of Islam Hajj.
Hajj Is performed in Zul Hijjah and after Hajj Muslims all over the world celebrates Eid Al Adha and sacrifices the animals in memory of Prophet Ibrahim A.S sacrifice.

Hajj is known as fifth pillar of Islam and it is necessary for every Muslim who is strong enough financially and healthy to perform it at least once in his life. every year more than 2 million Muslims performs Hajj. due to increasing number the size of Masjid Al Haram is increased very much now and many new facilities are introduced to make it easy for people to perform Hajj