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Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics World Games 2016

The Brazilian city of Rio ready to lose Schedule Olympics captivated the Janeiro, the South American country for the first time had the honor of hosting the World Games, 206 countries in the event of continued sports 21 Aug more than 10500 athletes are taking part.

Rio Olympics 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games:

“A New World” will be 306 medal events in 28 sports events at the Olympic Games with the slogan, will be held in the historic stadium opening and closing ceremonies of the revisions have been completed all preparations, Kosovo and South Sudan Countries would be part of the first Olympic Games, Rugby Sevens and golf have been included in the Olympics, this time as a new sport, all sports events in Rio five cities in Brazil with the 33 venues of the city, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brazil and in Manaus.

Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule:

Brazil hosted time to come, has also intensified the political crisis in the country, people are frustrated by the economic downturn rulers, many people think that Brazil hosted the expensive sports event.

Avoiding the American champion tennis stars Bryan Brothers decided to Health defended the Olympics men’s doubles tennis gold medal while legitimacy problems, the players clearly.

Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony:

In Brazil began to highlight the shortcomings that are found in the Games preparations of the economic crisis, athletes inadequate facilities in the Olympic Village have started to raise their calls, the Indian team after the Australian contingent in this regard.

Doping shadow will be at the Rio Olympics, because of what Russia most athletes will not show up in this action, doping scandal last November has continued rocked the world of athletics, WADA Independent Commission revealed But after the ban on Russia, the last time the IOC has also taken off the doors for Russia in the Olympics despite international pressure, right out in doping or suspected players for Games individual sports federations I was referred to the growing international pressure, but the closing IOC has formed a three-member Commission for the final decision of the Russian athletes participating in the Olympic Games.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said he explained that the panel state support in Russia was claimed in a report released to give a final decision on Russian Olympic participation after individual review of each case, WADA I have been doping, the IOC said it is now up to the three-member panel that the proposal to accept, or reject.

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt race event 100 and 200 meters in consistently reached Brazil with the determination of winning a third gold medal, he has a record of the Olympics by performing at a distance of 100 meters in 9.63 seconds at the London Games four years ago, entered his name , the 200 meter the performances of 19.30 seconds at the Beijing Games final record was his name, even his fellow Shelly Ann Fraser Women athletes will demonstrate their skills.