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Ramadan Islamic Latest Sms Collection 2015

Ramadan Kareem Sms in UrduRamzan ul Mubarak Latest Sms Collection 2015

Ramzan ul Mubarak is starting After a Day and it is the most blissful and blessful month despite other Eleven month of a years because in this blessful and sublime month ,Quran’s revelation and sacred Angels coming on the earth from the sky to see Allah Almighty people or creatures who indulge in His revelations,Novafils,prayers and recitation of Quran and in this month Satan ,Devil,Impish,Serpent,Lucifer and Beelzebub will be entrapped/Captured by Allah Almighty.

Ramazan ul Mubarak Islamic Sms Collection in urdu 2015.  On the start of Ramadan, Muslims greets one another in person and causation Ramadan sms or messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and alternative social platforms. Non-Muslims additionally sent their well needs for Ramadan through Ramazan messages. HD pictucher 2015 ramzan ul Kareem quotes .ramzan ul Mubarak sms .ramzan ul Kareem 2015 sms.ramzan ul Mubarak pictures

Special Prayers in the month of Ramzan

Fist ten days of Ramzan ul Mubarak is called blessful days 2nd ten days is called pardon or Forgiveness and 3rd ten days is called Get rid of or Starvation

Ramzan ul Mubarak Duain

Ramazan ul Mubarak Islamic Sms in Urdu

Ramzan Mubarak ki aamad hai
Rahematen barsane wala mahina hai
Aao aaj sUb khataon ki mafi manglain
Dar-e-tauba khula hai is mahine

Ramzan ka chand dekho
Roze ki duaa maangi
Roshan sitara dekho
Aap ki khariyat ki duaa maangi
Ramadan ul mubarak

Ramzan Key Phlay Jumma Ki Raat Pehla Kalma 40 martaba parhne wall ko ek maqbool Hajj ka sawaab milta hai.

Ramzan is Month of Blessings

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Ramzan ul Muarak 2015

In this month People show modesty,Generosity, Simplicity, Meekness, Nobleness,gentleness and humbleness and devoid of Evils and Vices like theft,Corruption,backbiting etc. People Spend most of their time in Saying Prayers and recitation of Quran.