Raiwind Tablighi ijtima 2016 Part 1st November 2016

Raiwind Tablighi ijtima 2016 Part 1st November 2016

Raiwind Ijtema 2016 annual global gathering of Tablighi Ijtima Part 1 Started on 3rd November 2016 and End on 6th November 2016 in Pakistan.

The visitors took the special train arrives in Quetta. The extended stop rail cars. Jamaat’s three-day meeting is the first step in the vast plains of Raiwind today Prayer begins afternoon to Sunday morning Jamaat will conclude the closing prayer Haji Abdul Wahab, more than 100 countries to attend the meeting delegates opinion are beginning to reach the Wind, railway junction has also set up reception camps by the local church, where parts have been arranged dinner with bath and convenience of prayer, improved meeting arrangements ideal holidays for employees of all government agencies to have been canceled. Additional police forces have been deployed around the venue. Iqbal made special arrangements for cleaning by the Town administration. Moreover, the Lahore Transport Company, the private operator of the passengers for special minibuses have arranged special education plan stage today, November 3, November 6, 2016 before the arrival to attend the first phase of religious gathering in Raiwind

Raiwind Ijtema part 1st

Raiwand Ijtima 2016:

Bayan Maulana Tariq Jameel in Raiwind ijtema 2016. Insha Allah MaulanaTariqJameel sb will deliver a bayan tomorrow Friday 4th Nov 2016 after Jumma Namaz in Raiwand Ijtima.
Time: 1:30 pm

Raiwind Ijtema Part 1 bayanat update:

Raiwind ijtema 2016 bayans
3rd Nov 2016
After Asar : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Naz ur Rehman sahab
After MAgrib : Maulana Ibrahim Sahab
4th Nov 2016:
After Fajar : Muhtram Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab
After Juma : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Tariq jameel sahab
After Asar : Maulana Yaqoob sahab
After Magrib : Maulana Ahmed Laat Sahab
5th Nov 2016
After Fajar : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Abdul Rehman sahab
After Zohar : Bhai Farooq sahab
After Asar : Maulana Zuhair ul hasan sahab
After Magrib : Maulana Ibrahim Sahab
6th Nov 2016
Hidaayaat : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Khursheed sahab
Dua : Muhtram Haji Abdul wahab sahab

Road Map of Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema 2016