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Punjab Medical Faculty Supplementary Exams 2015

PMF Supply  Examination on 12th September 2015Punjab Medical Faculty Supplementary paramedical examinations 2015

Punjab Medical Faculty Supplementary paramedical examinations will be held on 12th September 2015.
Examination Policy Procedures and Instructions Punjab Medical Faculty Second Edition 2015
PMF Examination Policy 2015

The foremost function of PMF is to conduct examinations for various categories of basic courses in Allied Health Sciences. This document is a compendium of all instructions and procedures relating to this function in order to standardize the process and thereby ensure quality of knowledge assessment. This edition is a revision of the previous version which laid down foundation for a robust examination system and which benefited from the best practices of various examining bodies. The revision has been necessitated by demand of addressing those issues which could not be taken up in the first edition

Academic Committee

The responsibility for conduction of examinations shall be entrusted to the ‘Academic Committee’ constituted by Governing Body of PMF.

The Vice President of GB (Additional Secretary-Tech Health Department) shall act as Convener of the Academic Committee while the Secretary PMF shall provide secretarial support.

The term of the private member, if any, other than those appointed by virtue of their office shall be coterminous with the membership of the Governing Body of the Faculty.

The Committee may co-opt any member on need basis. Powers and Functions The Academic Committee shall:

1 Approve syllabi, curricula and standard textbooks for the courses run by the Faculty.

2 Constitute Panels of Experts for specified courses of studies and to delineate their terms of reference.

3 Draw up and publish for general information procedures and practices for the conduct of examinations.

4.Select and appoint Head Paper Setter, Head Examiner and their deputies, Secrecy Officer, Paper Setters, Paper Checkers, Internal & External Examiners for various practical & viva examinations.

5 Approve the annual calendar for examinations.

6 Approve Examination Centers, the Center Superintendents, Resident Inspectors and Center Inspectors.

7 Formulate from amongst its members sub-committees for the specified tasks including, inter alia, dealing with disciplinary / unfair means cases in examinations and declaration of result.

8 Consider such other matters as the President of the Faculty may think necessary to refer to it. Appeal against the decisions of Academic Committee shall be made before the Governing Body.

II. Eligibility of Candidates for Examination  

Only the student who has undergone a course of study in Punjab Government hospitals, Government Paramedical Schools or those Institutions of allied health science education which have been affiliated with the PMF shall be allowed to appear in examinations.

The candidate shall have a valid Registration Number issued by PMF

PMF Supply  Examination Forms for September 2015