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Punjab medical faculty Lahore dispenser past papers

Punjab Medical Faculty Core Course resultPunjab medical faculty Lahore dispenser past papers

Lahore: Punjab medical faculty Lahore dispenser class current and previous papers which are taken from Past papers.

Punjab medical faculty dispenser class past papers from 2007 to 2014.



Attempt any Five questions All questions carry equal marks.

Q 1: Write a short note

  1. a) Acetyl Sabcylic acid b)   Opium

‘ c) Caffeine    d) Alcohol

Alcohol 6 Caffeine (£, Opium Acetyl Salicylic acid 0

Q 2: Describe Antacide and there group Name most commonly used antacid m tab and syrup form and their action.

Q 3: What do you understand by the term Purgative. How they are administered?

Q 4 What is the combine therapy of tuberculosis Why this regime is earned out GNe at least two st >

Q 5:’ Write down the emergency management of a case of dog bite. Which vaccine Is administered for
rabies and Its route of administration.

Q 6: What do you understand by the word Diarrheal disease How can they be controlled?

Q 7: a) Define Antibiotics.


  1. b) Write short notes on
  2. I) Streptomycin I) Chloroquine

III) Insulin

Dispenser Examination (Paper B)

Time Allowed 03 00 Hour*     Maximum Marks 100

Pass Marks    SO

Q No 8 is compulsory Attempt any five questions from remaining seven questions

0 No 1 What is meant by Antibiotic write types and toxic effects of Antibiotics what precautions should be taken for us administration 16

Q No 2 Give usage dosage and important toxic effects of the followings

  1. Metronidazole Inj. 2. Streptomycin Inj 3 Isomazid INH Tab

4 DegoxmTao   5 Saibutamol Tab   6 Heparin Inj

7 Insulin Inj 8 Aspirin Tab (,2.2,2.2)

O No 3 Write the names of drugs used m peptic ulcer, also write their doses and toxic effects (6.5.5)

Q No 4 Write the drugs used for the treatment of

1 RoundWorm   2 HookWorm

3 TapeWorm    4 Amebiasis   (4,4.4 4)

Q No 5 Write a note on following drugs with their uses toxic effects and dosage
1 Thiazide Diuretic 2 Gentecin inj

3 Gnsofulvm Tab    4 Amoxicillin Cap  (

Q No 6 a) Write the drugs used in Bronchial asthma with dosage and toxic effects 8
b) Descr be the adverse (toxic) effects of the following
1 Chloremphemcal   2 Dexamethasone

3 Cotnmaxazoie 4 Methyl dopa (2,2,2.2)

Q No 7 a)

b) Write the name of cephalosporin & their dosage and the toxic effects 8

Name tne Aminoglycosides their dosage, uses and toxic effects 8

Q No 8 Define purgative in detail write note on the followings

  1. Bulk purgative 2 Stimulant laxative 3. Faecal softer laxative

4 Osmotic purgative 5 Bowl cleaning laxative    (5,3,3.3,3,3)







Attempt any five questions. Ail questions carry equal marks

Q 1; Write down different routes of administration of Drugs in detail

Q 2: Write down different Parts of the Digestive System and also their functions Draw and label the
diagram of Digestive System

Q 3: How Typhoid Fever is spread What is its treatment? What are different measures to prevent its speed

Q 5: What is normal Stood Pressure How Is It taken. Write down the situations in which Blood
Pressure is decreased

Q 6: a) Name important articles of the Emergency tray.

  1. b) What do you understand by C.P.R (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). How it is done

Q 7. Define Dehydration Name the Conditions which result in Dehydration? How a case of Dehydration
is managed

Q 4: Write short notes on the following.

  1. a) Abstract Register  b)   Expense Register
  2. c) Sterilization by heat d) Vaccinator Schedule

Q No 1 is compulsory Attempt arty five questions from remaining seven questions

0 No 1 Write a note on the followings
I.   Pharmacopoeia

  1. Alkaloios

iii     Anti Gout

  1. Anti Tussive

Q . No 2 Write down tne management of a patient suffering from Acute Gastro Enteritis

Q No 3 a) Classify the drugs used in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitis

  1. b) What advice you will give to a Diabetic Patient for his foot care

Q No 4 a) Draw and label the diagram of the Digestive system

  1. b) Name the juices which are added to food in the stomach for digestion

Q . No 5 a) Name all the registers maintained at RHC

  1. b) Draw and label various columns of a medico legal register

Q No 6 Write a detail note on-

  1. a) Medical Dental Ordinance
  2. b) Drug Act

Q No 7 a) How’s patient develops pulmonary Tuberculosis

  1. b) Write down a prescription for the treatment of a patient suffering from

Pulmonary Tuberculosis                     08

Q No 8 Write down the signs & symptoms of morphine poisoning.
Write down us treatment ______

08 ♦08


Q1 what do you know about, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, How it is Spread,
what is its prevention .Name Drugs used in its treatment.

-Q.2 Namo different Parts of Gastrointestinal System . Write down their Functions.

  1. 3 Write down Management of a Case of Dog Bite .

Q.4 Write down the Procedure for storage of different drugs in the Pharmacy

-jA A     t? JZ J*yi / jSf 4 Ad*

  1. 5 Write down management of a case of acute diarrhea. what is ORS. How it is proparod.
  2. 6 Write Note on (1) Hepatitis ( 2) H.M.I.S (Health management Information System )

Q 7 Write down duties of a Dispenser at R H. C