Friday , October 21 2016
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Punjab Government kiln workers’ children educational package


children of brick kiln workers educational PlanThe Punjab government has decided mason children at the start of the 1000 academic year.New academic session 2016 education, books, stationery, uniforms, shoes under the Punjab Raja Ashfaq Sarwar educational package presided over the meeting, said Minister for Education kiln workers’ children a free education package facilities other than the parents of the kiln has decided to Rs 1000.

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said that the provincial representatives for the complete elimination of child labor in the state, society, individual police administration will have to take an important role.

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has launched a province-wide programme to provide free education to children of brick kiln workers.

The children would be provided free education across PEF partner schools to improve their quality of life and transform them into productive members of the society.