Prize Bond Rs 200 Result List

Prize bond Result List of Rs 200 16th September 2013

Prize bond of Rs.200 will be drawn Monday on 16th September 2013 in Hyderabad as announced by the Central Directorate of National Savings. This is the 55th lucky number of Rs. 200 prize bond.

It is reported that often people face problems looking for the prize bonds and are forced to search on the internet, let’s hope that it does not happen this time. The first prize is of Rs. 750,000, second prize is of Rs. 250,000 which will be given to five lucky winners each whereas third prize of Rs. 1,250 will be given to 2,394 people each.

Rs 200 Prize bond  hyderabad September 16- 2013 on Monday would post the relevant details of the lucky draw.


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