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Pifra Salary Slip online Registration Method

pifra salary slip PIFRA online Email Registration Form for Government Employees

PIFRA has introduced online Email Registration for Government Employees and they can get their Salary Slips on their Gmail account and their salary graphs.

All information about Salary is given on one page and you can check any time and any where with internet service in All over the world.

Now you not go to account office ,simple fill the registration form and submit it online. Now application fee and free online registration.

Documents required for online registration for Salary Slips:

Employees Category. Provincial/Federal

Personal Number which is given be account office

NIC Number

Date of Birth

Mobile phone Number

Email for Registration and for Salary dispatch.

Online Pifra Payslip Email Registration Method:

you just go to official website of PIFRA and Select the cataloger of Online Registration form.

Open Online Registration and fill it care fully.

Given the information correct and submit it

Fist of all fill your Employees category P for Punjab S for Sindh KPK for Khaber pakhtan Khanwan B for Balochistan.

Then give personal number

Date of Birth ,Mobile phone Number and Submit it

If your information are correct then your status is given this this stage.

Continue next step for Registration

Given you email address and repeat it to confirm it and enter

Now you are registered to get Online salary Slip.

pifra salary slip will be available after few days of Registration.

pifra Salary  Slip Email Registration for Male & Female Employees:

PIFRA is actively engaged in promoting transparency, accountability, and professionalism in public financial management.  With our modernizing and capacity building initiatives, public sector managers can use real-time and accurate financial information for fiscal management and informed decision-making. There has been significant impact of our efforts on overall working environment of Finance, Accounts, and Audit organizations.

pifra salary slip registration form:

PIFRA aims at improvement of governance in fiscal management sphere to achieve the vision of strengthened Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) of the country. Objectives of the revised project are the same as those of PIFRA II and PIFRA-I, enlisted below:

Modernize government audit procedures and adopt internationally accepted auditing standards.

Establish effective accounting and reporting systems.

Strengthen financial management practices.

Generate financial information, which is more useful, complete, reliable and timely. Improved data will facilitate program management by government decision-makers.

Tighten internal controls and minimize the occurrence of errors and irregularities in the processing of payments and receipts.

Pifra salary slip format:
The objectives of project are in line with the sectoral objectives of MTDF 2005-10. One of the key sectoral objectives (the Governance sector) of MTDF relates with improvement in the indicators of governance in the country. The Chapter of MTDF on Governance clearly considers PIFRA as a major initiative leading towards good governance.