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Nadia Gabol will announce her affiliation with other political party

minister Nadia Gabol would soon announce shifting her affiliation in political party,

Nadia Gabol will announce her affiliation with other political party 

KARACHI:Nadia Gabol will announce her affiliation with other political party . Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s former member Sindh assembly and minister Nadia Gabol would soon announce shifting her affiliation with some other political party.

Miss Nadia Gabol daughter of Sardar Abdul Latif Gab.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s senior leaders separately approaching Nadia Gabol invited her to join their party.

Nadia Gabol confirmed that some political parties approaching gave her their party programs. She said the people of Lyari want to begin a new era and added Lyarites are fed up with those corrupt politicians, who have been using them for their vested interests.

“I thought of resigning from the MQM when the Lyari operation in May last year started and innocent Lyarians were killed and arrested but then I decided to stay on, hoping that things will get better. When the MQM decided to take in its fold Nabil Gabol, I started thinking about going separate ways. The people of Lyari were until then inclined towards the MQM and had no issue with the party but they were disappointed when Nabil was invited to join the party. Nabil Gabol has failed the people of Lyari and is responsible for their plight. That was a bad move by the MQM as Nabil’s entry into MQM meant the complete downfall of MQM in Lyari. Nabil is hated locally and cannot go there because he used Lyarians as a vehicle to enter into government but didn’t bring jobs or social care for his constituents.”

Nadya Gabol added: “I appreciate the fact that I have been part of the MQM for several years and learned a lot on the MQM platform during my journey and am grateful to the MQM leadership that gave me a chance to serve the people of Karachi. I highly appreciate the leadership and always will respect it. I have taken this decision with great difficulty but after taking into consideration several factors,” Miss Gabol told this correspondent.

Nadia Gabol’s decision is a major event as rarely any senior MQM leader has openly announced to leave the party.

Nadya Gabol, who hails from Lyari and has lived in Lyari for the last eight years, aims to dedicate her services to the people of Lyari who have become increasingly vocal in the last few years and want more rights and better and equal playing field.

She said she would resist “one-sided operation” in Lyari. “The operations have to be executed in all 18 towns of Karachi and not just in Lyari. There are armed gangs in Lyari but gangs are also part of the whole Karachi landscape. Militant gangs are part of all other political and religious parties and operations should target them too. We will not allow only poor people of Lyari targeted by the law enforcement agencies.”

Nadya Gabol said that all parties – including the MQM, Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim – have neglected Lyari and have used the locals either to advance their political aims or as punching bag, portraying locals as “criminals and gangsters” and not as human beings who have ambitions like any ordinary person. “The people of Lyari have faced the worst kind of social, ethnic and economic discrimination. This needs to stop.”

Nadya Gabol said she in touch with leaders from various political parties but will decide about joining a party after consulting the elder Lyarians and community leaders. “Several parties have approached me. I will listen to the people of Lyari to go whichever way they want me to go. I will prefer a party that recognises the role of Baloch and Lyarians. I cannot remain or become part of any party that degrades the role of Lyarians and Baloch. I will work with any group or party that wants to turn Lyari into Gulshen and Clifton and wants Lyari kids to become 18 grade officers, gain scholarships at home and abroad.”