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Muharram-ul-Harram New Islamic HD Free Wallpapers 2015

Ya Hussain a.s Muharram WallpapersMuharram-ul-Harram Latest HD Wallpapers 2015

Muharram is 1st month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year.

Meaning of Muharram: 

The word “Muharram” means “Forbidden” and is derived from the word harām, meaning “sinful”. It is held to be the 2nd holiest month, following Ramadan. Some Muslims fast during these days.

Day of Ashura/10th day of Muharram :

The 10th day of Muharram is the Day of Ashura, which to Shia Muslims is part of the Mourning of Muharram.

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