Sunday , October 23 2016
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Mian Mehmood’s Corruption Scandal PTI Opposition Leader

 Mehmood’s Corruption Scandal PTI Opposition LeaderMian Mehmood’s Corruption Scandal PTI Opposition Leader

Lahore: The PTI leader & opposition member in the Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed has been convicted with the corruption charges, involving his brother, Hamid Rasheed. The leaders, who is frequently seen on the television screens objecting to the unjust governing practices by the PML-N is found be involved in several corruption activities.

The media sources have exposed the PTI member in designating his brother Hamid Rasheed in one of the top positions in LDA (Lahore Development Authority) one of the main counted organizations of the city. It is responsible for various development projects in fields of education, health, culture, industry, technology, maintaining infra structure and many others.

He is said to be concerned in land property selling deals.Reliable sources have said that brother of the leader has bought Gulshan Rehman Society, while illegally including the sewerage, water systems of the government owned into the premises. He runs the business with his brother Mian Mehmood to prevent himself from falling into hot water.

Despite the corruption revealed, no investigation in this regard has been made so far.