Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan 28th September 2015

Chand Grahan in Pakistan
Lunar Eclipse(Chand Garehn) in Pakistan

Lunar Eclipse in Various part of Pakistan will be observed in partial eclipse on Monday 28th September 2015 that will be seen in different parts of the country including Karachi.

Chand Grahan 28 September 2015 in Pakistan:

According to the Meteorological Department of Pakistan this morning at 5 o’clock and 12 minutes have partial eclipse will end at 23 minutes in the morning to 10 pm, which can be seen from different parts of the country including Karachi. Meteorological Department says West Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States will take full moon eclipse will be partial in Pakistan.

The year before that, when the second moon will eclipse the eclipse was 4th April of this year, so we have two Eclipse.

28th September 2015 chand Grahan in Pakistan :

Lunar Eclipse will be observed today on Monday 28th September 2015 in Pakistan.Eclipses in Lahore, Pakistan will start on Monday, 28 September 2015 at 05:45.

Chand Girhan 28th September 2015 Pakistan time

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Begins Mon, 28 Sep 2015 at 05:11 , Maximum Mon, 28 Sep 2015, 05:45 and Mon, 28 Sep 2015, 10:22.

Duration in Lahore: 5 hours, 11 minutes.

Lunar eclipse in Karachi 2015:

chand grahan 27th sep 2015in pk

Chand Grahan timing in Karachi:

Eclipses in Karachi Sindh in Pakistan:

Max view in Karachi on Monday 28th September 2015 at 06:17.Partial Lunar Eclipse Begins on Monday 28 Sep 2015, 05:11, Maximum:   Mon, 28 Sep 2015, 06:17 and Ends on   Monday, 28 Sep 2015 at 10:22

Duration in Karachi:    5 hours, 11 minutes

Max view in Islamabad Monday, 28 September
2015 at 05:45.

Eclipses in Islamabad in Pakistan:

Islamabad Begins on Monday, 28 Sep 2015 at 05:11

Maximum on Monday, 28 Sep 2015, 05:45 and Ends on Monday, 28 Sep 2015, 10:22

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Duration in Islamabad :

5 hours, 11 minutes.

Pakistan Meteorological Department office says the lunar eclipse will be visible in whole country.

Eclipses in Islamabad in Multan

Eclipses in Islamabad in Faisalabad.

Eclipses in Islamabad in Rawalpindi

Eclipses in Islamabad in Quetta.

Eclipses in Islamabad in Peshawar.