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Imran Khan will attend Islamabad rally on 9 May 2013

Imran Khan will attend Islamabad rally

Imran Khan will attend Islamabad rally on 9 May 2013

LAHORE: In a rather ambitious development, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced that its injured party leader Imran Khan will attend the May 9 Islamabad rally, which was, earlier, cancelled following PTI leader’s hospitalization here.

A PTI spokesman said the public gathering would be held as scheduled with the active participation of Imran Khan, who suffered head and back injuries after falling down from a height of 10-14 feet while a fork lifter was hoisting him up to a stage set for a rally.

However, talking to Geo News, the spokesman said Imran Khan’s addressing the Islamabad rally was contingent upon his condition, which if the doctors did not deem as travel worthy then he might speak to the gathering via video-link.

Earlier, PTI spearhead Imran Khan, had a fall at a political rally, leaving him with two hairline skull fractures apparently knocking him off the campaign trail ahead of Saturday’s general election.

Khan was treated at ShaukatKhanumMemorialCancerHospital he himself built in honor of his late mother in Lahore. According to doctors Khan suffered two minor fractures to the skull and had a backache, but none of his injuries were life-threatening.

Just hours after the fall, the charismatic politician spoke to reporters from his hospital bed. He was visibly shaken and had a cut on his forehead, but he was still asking people to vote for his party.

“I have done whatever I could do,” he told media. “Now you have to decide whether you want to make a new Pakistan.”

Asad Omar, leader of Khan’s party, told Geo News that party leaders would meet Wednesday to discuss how to continue his campaign during the next three days.

He said Khan will spend the night at the hospital, and that doctors are asking him to rest for 15 days. But the former cricket star, Omar said, is in good physical condition and wants to resume his political activities as soon as possible.

Outside the hospital, hundreds gathered awaiting word of his condition.