Friday , October 21 2016
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Government plans to make Lahore pollution-free

Government plans to make Lahore pollution-freeGovernment plans to make Lahore pollution-free

Lahore: Government plans to make Lahore pollution-free Punjab Minister for Environmental Protection.

The provincial government has prepared a plan to make Lahore free from pollution and work on it will be started very soon. Punjab Minister for Environmental Protection, Col. (retd) Shuja Khanzada said in a exclusive interview with APP on Sunday. He said that control on noise and air pollution is part of the plan for which the government would implement holistic approach and take all stake-holders on board before initiating an action. The minister said provincial government was fully empowered to initiate such actions as after 18th Amendment, it is the responsibility of provincial governments to take measures for making environment pollution-free.

To a question on motorcycle rickshaws, he said: “We are moving against two stroke rickshaws but the same can not be done in one go as the government have to consider many aspect and it do not want to deprive any one from the source of its livelihood,” he said. However, he said: “Work on legislation to control emission from vehicles has been started and installation of catalytic converters in all vehicles and other retrofit devices like particle filters in diesel vehicles will be made compulsory for registration in Punjab.” Khanzada said the object would be achieved through consistent and steady way without bowing before any pressure, or making any compromise on it, he added.