Thursday , December 14 2017
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Google is bringing a new messaging application

Google is bringing a new messaging application

California  social media users now WhatsApp forget that Google is bringing a new messaging application to which you will be able to send messages not only the fastest, but users will also be several striking features facilities.

Recently, Google has introduced an application was made to the group “Google Spaces” to chat but bargugl declared ‘Yellow’ ‘a tremendous application at its annual ceremony. This application will radically changed the world of messaging. Like WhatsApp will get the opportunity to chat but will also bhrpurmdd in the chat will be Google’s innovative system. So when you send a gospel shouts this app we will show to quickly congratulate the message already written on your favorite message which will give you the answer typed without.
If you say to a friend for lunch, this application will let you close and favorite hotel list before the show, such as whether a heart Description of the hotel have access to immediately send will. The answer, according to cross-recognize beat aurtsuyrkuapny a special algorithm will already tyarrkhy.
WhatsApp will present text formatting in a bhtras If you would like to write a lot in a word just text to drag on the bottom have to drag the top of your screen, which will increase the text font size size will be smaller. You can also send pictures and drawings on them. The most delicious thing in the app to have Google talk by saying that you can send to your friends visit. Besides this, I feel lonely yourself when the Google bot will be present and no friends available for chat You can chat with the boot. You boot it up beautifully every question and give an immediate response.
Like WhatsApp to send secure messages to Google Elon end-to-end encryption is also available. Google formulations and applications for the video chat app, Google Doo and ‘aspires to bring. Both applications will be available for free kysnzagly ayndruyyd and iOS users in a few weeks.
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Google new messaging application