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CJ issues contempt notice to Imran Khan, summons on 2nd August

CJ issues contempt notice to Imran Khan, summons on Aug 2

CJ issues contempt notice to Imran Khan, summons on 2nd August 

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took notice of Imran Khan’s remarks about judiciary’s role in May 11 parliamentary elections.
Issuing a contempt of court notice to Imran Khan, the Supreme Court asked him to appear in person on Friday 2nd august 2013.

The note issued by the Supreme Court states that “as per details, while holding press conference on 26.7.2013, he stated that the role of judiciary and Election Commission of Pakistan is shameful in the conduct of General Elections; that the elections were rigged, due to role played by these two institutions. He added that the General Elections 2013 were the worst in terms of rigging and mismanagement. He went on to state that he wants to ensure that no such like shameful elections are held in the future. He also stated that the PTI has accepted election results, but not election rigging.”

“It is hard to understand the outburst of Chairman, PTI for the unwarranted criticism and making highly objectionable, indeed derogatory statements, against the Judiciary and Judges of the Supreme Court. Indeed, he has used contemptuous and derogatory language against the Supreme Court and its Judges.”

“Fair comments can be made on judicial verdicts but it is impermissible to scandalize/ridicule the Court or its judges. His statements are aimed at inter alia shaking public faith/confidence in the administration of justice and undermining the dignity/prestige of the Court, thereby tending to bring the Court/Judges into hatred, ridicule or contempt. Article 204 of the Constitution read with the Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 indeed provide for punishment for contempt of Court, it added.

The note further says prima facie, it seems that Imran Khan has started a deliberate campaign to scandalize the Court and bring judges into hatred, ridicule or contempt.

The notice was also issued to Attorney General of Pakistan.