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Brazilian district bans sales of toy guns

Brazilian district bans sales of toy guns to ‘change the culture of violence’

Brazilian district bans sales of toy guns

Brazil: A Brazilian territory is believed to have become the first region in Latin America to ban the sale of toy guns as the country attempts to staunch an epidemic of firearm-related crime.  The initiative to ban the sale and manufacture of toy guns was part of a government program to protect victims of violence. Children were asked to turn over their toy guns in exchange for a book. Local authorities set a four-month deadline and provided trade incentives to stores saddled with stocks of toy guns they can no longer sell. In 2005, the government of then president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010) called a referendum to ban the sale of firearms nationwide, but 64 percent voted against.

To combating fire-arm related crimes in the country, Brazil takes the first initiative in Latin America to ban the selling of toy guns. Brazil, the Federal District in which falls the various satellite towns is the first among the regions to take action in alleviating the murder rates.
The idea began of launching the campaign from the city of Ceilandia, violent of the cities of the district. Valeria de Vasco, the victim dealing official in the capital city Brasilia spoke,’ Violence in Brazil is becoming like a war’.
The federal secretary justice, Alirio Neto talking about the banning said that we need to inculcate awareness in our children from early stage. ‘Children need to learn that guns are not toys, we repeat it to them often’, he added. In the city of Latin America, there reside over two hundred million people. Last year the fire gun had resulted in as many as forty three thousand deaths.
Like Brazil took the step against eradicating the epidemic fire- related crimes, we Pakistanis where target killing, criminal activities, extortion, kidnapping are commonly witnessed should also follow Brazilians initiative. The violent activities around us, the death tolls each day contribute to increasing frustration and anger among individuals.
The failed justice system in our society can give rise to the belief of holding weapons as part of safety. The fire-gun related games, gun toys readily available in the markets should be banned to prevent our youngsters from falling prey to the criminal activities and violence.Water toy guns are used in very large numbers at beaches in Brazil