Monday , October 24 2016
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Auditor General gives clean chit to SC accounts

Auditor General gives clean chit to SC accounts

Auditor General gives clean chit to SC accounts

ISLAMABAD: The Auditor General of Pakistan, Buland Akhtar Rana, has downright cleared the accounts of the Supreme Court of any irregularity and says his department conducts regular audits of the Supreme Court accounts as per the law.

“We have found no embezzlement or irregularity in its spending,” the AGP told The News here on Tuesday.The Auditor General said that the Supreme Court was an audit compliant body and thus the government auditors never had any complaint against the Supreme Court.

Rana’s statement given to The News contradicts what the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Nadeem Afzal Chun claimed in a television show, recorded on Tuesday, wherein while quoting the Auditor General he gave the impression that regular audit, as done in departments, was not done of the Supreme Court’s spending.

Buland Rana said that the department of the Auditor General of Pakistan does regular audit of the Supreme Court’s spending and does not show any leniency. “We do it as per the law,” he said, adding, “We have no complaint from the Supreme Court in relation to the external audit done by the Department of Auditor General.” done by the department of Auditor General.”

When asked if through these audits, any case of embezzlement, corruption or irregular spending was found, the Auditor General said, “No embezzlement, corruption or irregular spending was found in the case of the Supreme Court’s spending.”

“They have routine spending, they don’t have huge projects and they don’t build Bhasha Dam so the question of embezzlement of fund does not arise,” said Buland Akhtar Rana, who has recently been appointed by the President.

The Auditor General’s statement comes at a time when the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly unanimously decided to send a reference to the Speaker National Assembly against the Registrar of the Supreme Court for his failure to appear before thePAC.

While the impression is being given as if the PAC has some Audit reports of the Auditor General of Pakistan pertaining to irregular spending of the Supreme Court, in fact there is not even a single para before the PAC against the SC.

The Registrar Supreme Court is of the view that because of the decision of theFull Court, which bars him to appear before the PAC, he is unable to fulfil the desire of the Public Accounts Committee. Additionally, Article 68 of the Constitution bars Parliament to discuss the conduct of the judges.